Finland has one of the most prominent ICT (information and communications technology) scenes in Europe. This happy country with high quality of living is one of the top choices for relocation among IT specialists from all around the world.

Why Finland?

  • Major ICT center. Having the most digital startups per capita in the world, Finland is a recognized tech hub and center for many innovative industries such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, machine learning, research and development, and robotics. It’s the birthplace of Nokia, home to Linux, SMS, SSH protocol, 5G as well as gaming companies Rovio (maker of Angry Birds) and Supercell. Additionally, Finland was ranked the third most innovative country in the world in Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019.
  • Happiest country in the world. Finland is the happiest country in the world according to the UN World Happiness Report 2019.
  • Good place to live. Finland has a free health care system, one of the world’s best public education systems, and attractive unemployment benefits.
  • Great place to work. Finland is a country with most employee-friendly working hours (according to European Company Survey), 1st in skill development at work (according to European Working Conditions Survey), and 3rd in Global Gender Gap Report 2017 (according to World Economic Forum).