Sweden is one of the most popular countries for IT relocation. It offers a high quality of living, great career opportunities in the technology sector, and high IT salaries. 

Why Sweden?

  • Advanced IT market. There are 74,000 software and system developers in Sweden, plus 13,000 system analysts and IT architects, and several thousand other tech workers. This country is home to many popular tech companies, such as Abloy, Electrolux, Ericsson, Mojang (creator of Minecraft), Spotify, Telia, TrueCaller as well as the social gaming startup King and the FinTech company iZettle. In addition, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are actively investing in Sweden by opening branches and data centers.
  • High salaries. Sweden offers the highest average net salary (after taxes) in the European Union after Denmark and Luxembourg. The average salary in Sweden is SEK 31,400 per month before taxes. IT workers earn almost 30% above the average in Sweden — SEK 40,000 per month. 
  • High standards of living. Sweden is #3 in US News Quality of Life Rankings, #7 in Numbeo’s Purchasing Power Index, and #5 in the World Economic Forum’s Social Progress Index.
  • Everybody speaks English. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Sweden takes the second place (after the Netherlands) by English skills among countries whose official language is not English.
  • World’s fastest internet speeds. Sweden continuously scores in the top countries for internet connectivity and was ranked as having the 2nd (after Singapore) fastest broadband connection in 2017 (40 MB/s).