Ireland is one of the world’s top countries for working in the IT sector. As the largest exporter of Information and communications technology (ICT) services, one of the leading hubs for games companies, and a big draw for global tech corporations, Ireland attracts a great number of international IT specialists from all over the world.

Why Ireland?

  • Huge ICT market. Ireland is the world’s largest exporter of Information and communications technology (ICT) services. As of 2017, Irish export of those services exceeded $79 billion (according to World Integrated Trade Solution), which is more than in India, United States, Germany, and China.
  • Global technology companies. Thanks to low bureaucracy and low tax environment, Ireland has attracted nine of the top 10 global information technology companies: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Alphabet, Intel, IBM, Facebook, Cisco Systems, and Oracle. Other significant companies present in this country are Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Twitter.
  • Human development paradise. Ireland has the third-highest Human Development Index in the world (after Norway and Switzerland), according to a study by the United Nations. The ranking is calculated using three categories: health, education, and income.