Australia is one of the world’s most desired IT job markets. It offers high salaries, comfortable work conditions, and high standards of living.

Why Australia?

  • Major IT companies. Global names such as Avaya, Canon, and IBM have built product development (R&D) facilities in Australia, and companies such as Amazon, IBM, Canon, Citrix, Fujitsu, Google, Microsoft, and NEC have built major software development facilities in the country. In general, the Australian IT job market is comparable to those of the USA, Canada or the UK.
  • High IT salaries. An IT specialist can earn between A$74,000 and A$110,000 per year on average (depending on the city, experience, and specialization). This is much more than in the majority of other countries.
  • High quality of living. Australia ranks #5 in the U.S. News Quality of Life Rankings and #4 in the World Economic Forum’s list of countries with the highest quality of life. Australia ranks high in such factors as education, job opportunities, personal freedom, and tolerance.