Although Norway didn’t produce large international organizations like Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson, it is an important IT market and a highly desirable place for job relocation among tech workers from all around the world. 

Why Norway?

  • High salaries. The average IT salary in Norway is about NOK 50,000 – 60,000 per month ($5,500 – 6,500). This is higher than in many other countries of the world. 
  • High quality of living. Norway is #1 in Human Development Index, #1 in OECD Better Life Index, #3 in The Economist’s where-to-be-born index ranking, and #4 in US News’ Quality of Living ranking.
  • International tech companies. Many large multinational companies have opened their offices in Norway, including Cisco, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • Many people speak English fluently. Norway is #3 in the EF English Proficiency Index after Netherlands and Sweden among countries where English is not an official language.
  • Beautiful nature. You would love Norway’s scenery, with its majestic glaciers, snow-capped mountains, mysterious fjords, deep rivers, and green valleys. You should consider this country if you love nature, hiking, rafting, and winter sports.