Three software engineers were offered over $1 million annual salaries by Facebook and Google

Three software engineers were offered over $1 million annual salaries by Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are dominating the list of tech companies that offered the highest-paying jobs to H-1B applicants in software engineering roles in the first 8 months of 2020. This is shown by an analysis made by the global business news website Quartz.

These assumptions are derived from the website that collects the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data. The LCA is an application filed by prospective employers on behalf of workers applying for work permits for the H-1B non-immigrant visa

According to Quartz’s information, one of the H-1B applicants with a whopping $2 million salary offer from Facebook had their visa application denied. However, another one, offered over $1.9 million, has got an approval.

Top salaries for software engineers in 2020's H-1B visa filings

Despite the Donald Trump administration freezing the program, both Facebook and Google featured amidst the tech giants who had 99% of their H-1B applications approved.

“American companies are so dependent on the talent that comes to the United States on H-1B visas that they are willing to pay top dollar for them”, Quartz commented.

In 2016, more than 15% of Facebook’s employees were H-1B visa-holders, according to a Reuters analysis of US Labor Department filings.

Of course, $1–2 million salaries are exceptional cases among H-1B applications: in 2020, the average annual salary for 190,000 software engineers who applied for H-1B visas was just over $100K.

Job titles with most H-1B filings in 2020

According to the data by OneZero, a Medium publication, 68% of respondents make $100K to $250K a year. Almost 20% make above $250K, and those who make $750K are less than 1%. 

Additionally, Blind’s Salary Comparison Tool shows that Software Engineer II at Google earns $125,639 per year on average.

Apart from software engineers, other H-1B profiles cashed massive salaries, namely a business analyst at Google ($1.30 million), a data scientist at Facebook ($1.25 million), and a compensation associate at Google ($990K).

Facebook's highest-paying roles for H-1B workers in 2020 Google's highest-paying roles for H-1B workers in 2020

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