Belarus is one of the most underrated countries for IT relocation. Think twice before writing it off as it has so much to offer: safety, cheap and high-quality food, affordable housing, and career opportunities in IT — just to name a few.

Why Belarus?

  • Low cost of living. Belarus is one of the cheapest European countries for international IT specialists. To live there with a family, it’s enough to earn $900 (BYN 2,000) per month. 
  • IT salaries are much higher than the national average. The average monthly salary of IT professionals in Belarus is about $1,800 (BYN 4,000) while the average salary across all sectors stands at about $530 (BYN 1,200) per month. Keeping in mind the low cost of living, an IT worker can afford a really good life in Belarus.
  • Extensive IT market with the potential to grow even further. Low cost of living and a great number of talented IT specialists attract international companies. Renowned corporations present in the country include Epam, IBM, and others. Many of them run their business on special terms in Hi-Tech Park. According to its website, “Belarus hosts the largest and most established European IT outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries”. And according to the Forbes magazine, “Per Capita Income from IT-Services Export in Belarus exceeds that of Russia and Ukraine“.